Factory direct sale of gift pen

Factory direct sale of gift pen–TTX23B


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Pen set, Pen Kit, Gift Pens TTX23B


MOQ:4000sets  Price:$ 1.28~1.68

*Type: Insert set metal pen  and a  gift box 

*Pen Materials: metal 

*Refill Ink: Blue,black and red etc. for your choice

*Logo:can be printed,the popularity of this promotional pen is undeniable–giving your logo a huge advantage

*Product size:13.9×1.2cm


Pen set, Pen Kit, Gift Pens
Whether intended as a gift to someone else, or as a treat to you, finding the perfect pen set, pen kit or gift pen is simple to do. We offer a great range of fabulous and functional sets encased in elegant housing. Although many people have access to the internet and wireless gadgetry to browse with, most of them will in fact still retain a pen with which to take quick notes with. The cheap plastic ball point pens seem to be everywhere these days, so giving one of our pen sets or gift pens will mark your recipient out as an individual in their place of work.
As tools which still have a valuable and practical use, giving the gift of a pen set is a thoughtful and original idea. People who have to complete paperwork as part of their work seek a comfortable and pleasurable experience when writing, and all our splendid pen kits give this level of satisfaction. Engineered to a high quality, and from carefully managed sources, our wide variety of pen sets deliver durable and quality pens, perfect as a gift to someone who deserves it.
The pen kits and sets can be made up as the customer desires, and many styles can be chosen from. Some include:
*Ballpoint twist pen
*Ballpoint click pen
*Roller-ball pen
*Fountain pen
*Stylus tip pen
If you intend on giving a gift pen to someone, some finishes to give the pens are:
*Gun metal
*Brushed satin
Although the pen kits will last a long time, it is a good idea to get refills at the same time as the pen however, it is quick and simple to locate refills on our site, and we offer refills for all of our pen kits, pen sets and gift pens.
Using a quality and functional pen, one which is comfortable to use as well as reliable is a necessity for some people at their place of work, so take the opportunity to lighten their burden by offering them one of our pen sets bought with them in mind. You can tailor your selection of style and color to their look and personality. Or, as a reward or treat, buy a pen set or gift pen for your own use, and have fun making it unique to you.

Sample time: 2-3 working day

Mass production time: 7~10 working days

Package: Individual Polybag
Weight Per Carton: 15 KG
Shipment: by sea / air DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, TNT

1. Competitive price from manufacturer
2. 15 Years experience
3. One-stop shopping
4. ODM, OEM welcome
5. Within 12 Hour feedback

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