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Marketing Pens, Branded Pens, Advertising Pens –JH43


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Marketing Pens, Branded Pens, Advertising Pens –JH43

MOQ:2500pcs  Price:$ 0.15~0.19

*Type:push-type promotional  pen

*Materials: Plastic

*Refill Ink: Blue,black and red etc. for your choice

*Logo:can be printed,the popularity of this promotional pen is undeniable–giving your logo a huge advantage

*Product size: length: 14cm, diameter: 1.1cm


Marketing Pens, Branded Pens, Advertising Pens
In the world of marketing, pens have played an important part for quite a while. They appeal to businesses for several reasons, for example, unlike a promotional flier or document, marketing pens will be kept and used repeatedly. They are very inexpensive for a company, even branded pens with the company logo etched onto it costs very little, and can be bought in bulk and given away as a promotional item. This keeps the logo or brand on the pen in sight, giving a good amount of localized exposure for very little output. Of course, the marketing and branded pens have a practical use, and this makes them an ideal item for businesses to give away at events.
Our range of marketing pens, with your company logo or tag-line embellished onto the side, are ideal for many kinds of promotion, including local and community events, which will help to raise your company’s brand awareness. Some businesses fund or sponsor local events in their home towns, and use these occasions to give away branded pens and advertising pens, which help to establish continued good links with the community. Marketing pens can also be used by charities or smaller businesses to raise some funds, having their logo or phrase printed onto a pen and sold in shops and supermarkets. Important local or national events can be marked or commemorated with a branded pen which captures the public spirit.
We think that it is important to produce high quality marketing pens which are comfortable to write with, as well as being durable. The better and longer the pen can function as a writing instrument, the longer your company logo gets exposure. We source our materials responsibly, and all our marketing pens and branded pens are the result of careful research to ensure a consistently good and reliable end product. From this base, you can be sure that your own choice of advertising pens will continue to promote your company on the side of these pens for years to come.
We offer many types of inexpensive marketing pens, such as the twist or the quirky softer grip, in many colors and shades, and all can be embossed with logos and tag-lines associated with your company, or advertising pens to promote a certain event, complete with date and time. Branded pens continue to be a useful and effective tool for businesses, even in today’s digital age.Marketing Pens, Branded Pens, Advertising Pens

Sample time: 2-3 working day

Mass production time: 7~10 working days

Package: Individual Polybag
Weight Per Carton: 15 KG
Shipment: by sea / air DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, TNT

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