Handmade fountain pen

Handmade fountain pen–F100


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Handmade fountain pen–F100

MOQ:1000 pcs  Price:$ 3.00~3.5

*Type:fountain pen

*Materials: Copper,but you can choose: steel or aluminum

*Finished way: Pen barrel are plated gun ,other parts are shining chrome

*Color: Various of colors.You just offer us the Panton No.

*Logo:Printed,engraving laser and embossed logo are available

*Product size: (L)139mm*(D)13mm

*Unit weight:50g



Fountain Pen
The  fountain pen contains an internal supply of ink, fed to the nib through a combination of gravity and capillary action, compared to its predecessor the dip pen, and records have shown that fountain pens – or at the least pens with an internal ink supply – have been used in 17th century Europe. The pen may be much older however, as the earliest historical record of some kind of writing device with its own ink supply dates back to the 10th century. Fountain pens appeal to many people.
With its elegant looking nib, and beautifully carved body and cap – and of course its exquisite ink- the fountain pen has long been the favored writing piece of intellectuals and important historical people. By comparison to this most noble of writing instruments, the metal or plastic pen seems a poor cousin, and anyone who sees themselves as having some kind of taste will have a fountain pen.
Fountain pens have long been the preserve of the professional business man, or the school teacher, for those who choose to write with such a splendid implement are worthy of some authority in their work. Their sleek and appealing design seems to hark back to the time of dip pens and time when writing was becoming popular with the layman. Their pleasant scratching noise as they are used is also reminiscent of the older dip pen. Indeed, many people who use fountain pens have not used a standard ballpoint pen, never seeing the need to replace their treasured and practical fountain pen. Refilling comes via a syringe type pumping system, or a replacement of the cartridges.
Our range of fountain pens is huge, and we have many classic and contemporary colors and designs. We have splendid gift sets with refills included, and presented in outstanding cases, worthy of the fountain pen itself. Many colors of ink are available, and of course you don’t have to stick to one color when you use a fountain pen. Or one material, as our range is available in:
*Brushed chrome
*Gun metal
*Stainless steel
Many people consider a fountain pen to be the only real proper pen, and for these types of people, the cost of a good pen can go from a few dollars, up to a few hundred dollars. And for those with more than most, a top of the range fountain pen can cost thousands of dollars.cheap Fountain Pen

Sample time: 2-3 working day

Mass production time: 7~10 working days

Package: Individual Polybag
Weight Per Carton: 15 KG
Shipment: by sea / air DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, TNT

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