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Factory Outlet lanyard pens–LS01


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Factory Outlet lanyard pens–LS01

MOQ:3000 pcs  Price:$0.19~0.23

*Type:push-type lanyard pen

*Materials: Plastic

*Refill Ink: Blue,black and red etc. for your choice

*Logo:can be printed,the popularity of this promotional pen is undeniable–giving your logo a huge advantage

*Product size: length: 10cm, diameter: 1.1cm


Lanyard Pens
Adding extras on to an already established best selling product is not always a good idea, but in the case of adding lanyards to pens, it is an exception. A lanyard is basically a short cord that secures the pen to your person, and in fact other uses for lanyards have been used over the years. Having a lanyard pen enables you to have your favorite pen safe and secure, and easy to reach if needed. Many people have a favorite writing instrument, and have the chords added on to them to add a level of security and reliability to their pens, as in many cases the lanyard pens contain personalized messages, and people seek to ensure their safety. Our lanyard pens are built from high quality, carefully managed resources, and we strive as a company to ensure that every lanyard pen produced is of a high quality, and will meet the expectations of our customers.
Massive choice
Our lanyard pens are available in a range of vibrant and exciting colors, as well as a variety of materials used for the lanyard, including:
*Synthetic and composite materials
Lanyard pens are seen as handier than normal pens, and have a similar safety mechanism to that of glasses, to ensure that the object is not lost of left anywhere. People get attached to a good quality, comfortable writing pen, and having a lanyard attached to it makes sense. It is always there should you need to use it.
We provide a wide selection of lanyard pens, using materials like high quality metals, rubber and plastic to create lovely pens which are easy and satisfying to write with. Our selection in the lanyard area is huge, and we can offer very competitively priced lanyard pens, along with all of our other types of pens, to businesses and individuals who seek the use of lanyard pens. We have individual pens, as well as packs and promotional lanyard pens, and of course it is possible to embellish the pen with company logos or brands for marketing purposes, utilizing them as a great marketing tool, as well as a practical gift. We are also able to attach lanyards to your Favorited pen or pens, just select which material you would like and we will take care of the rest.
Lanyard pens make the ideal writing tools for those who need access constantly to a quality and reliable pen.Factory Outlet lanyard pens--LS01

Sample time: 2-3 working day

Mass production time: 7~10 working days

Package: Individual Polybag
Weight Per Carton: 15 KG
Shipment: by sea / air DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, TNT

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2. 15 Years experience
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4. ODM, OEM welcome
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