• Advanced metal pen --B101
  • Advanced metal pen --B101

Advanced gel pens –B101


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Advanced gel pens Roller ball Pens  –B101

MOQ:1000 pcs  Price:$ 1.15~1.28

*Type:Twist action ball pen

*Materials: Copper,but you can choose: steel or aluminum

*Finished way: Pen barrel pare painted,other parts are shining chrome

*Refill Ink: Blue,black and red for your choice

*Color: Various of colors.You just offer us the Panton No.

*Logo:Printed,engraving laser and embossed logo are available

*Product size: (L)142.7mm*(D)13mm

*Unit weight: 40g



Gel Pens, Roller-ball Pens
The roller-ball pen was introduced in the 1960s to mimic the smooth and ‘wet ink’ effect of the popular fountain pens. Tiny ball bearings, usually between 0.5mm and 0.7mm are fitted into the tip of the roller-ball pen, which then transfers the ink to the paper. One of the biggest differences between a ballpoint pen and a roller-ball pen is the type of ink used. The ballpoint uses a much more viscous fluid that the roller-ball, which uses water based ink and gel dyes and pigments for color. This wet effect of the writing fluid gives roller-ball pens its distinctive look. Some perceived advantaged of roller-ball pens versus ballpoint pens are:
Less pressure is needed to be applied to the pen to have it work correctly, relieving hand stress and makes for a more comfortable writing experience.
Due to the types of ink used, there is a much wider variety of colors available for the roller-ball pen
The usually write finer and clearer than ballpoint pens.
Since its inception, the writing world has been split by those who prefer ballpoints and those who prefer roller-balls. The truth is that both deliver clear and bold writing, with the one clear difference being the wet ink and dry ink effect. People who don’t like smudges on their work should avoid the roller-ball pen, while many people think that the finished look is worth the risk of a smudge.
Gel pens differ in their ink from standard ballpoint pens as well. The ink used in a gel pen is a pigment which is suspended in a water based gel, and this ink is suitable for writing on many types of surfaces. The ink is opaque, and shows up very well on dark paper, and we have a huge range of metallic, opalescent and rainbow colors for our gel pens, which remain very popular amongst educational establishments. Gel pens also are available with glittery ink, or sparkly gold or silver ink, ideal for that next big project or drawing. You can be sure that whatever color or shade of color is needed, our range of gel pens will have the perfect color for you. All of our funky and bright gel pens come in large or small packs, or individually if required.

Gel Pens, Roller-ball Pens

Sample time: 2-3 working day

Mass production time: 7~10 working days

Package: Individual Polybag
Weight Per Carton: 15 KG
Shipment: by sea / air DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, TNT

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